“I’m not saying I can turn everything around in 5 minutes but if you work with me, we can make a BIG difference in the next 30 days. In fact, I guarantee it!”

“If all we needed was more information,
then we’d all be billionaires with
perfect abs” – Derek Sivers.


“It’s amazing to have an experienced friend help me in every aspect of my business. The actual ‘results based’ coaching is one thing but personal mentorship is something else and Ray is the complete package. His guidance and support has taken my results to the next level and my personal career enjoyment has never been higher… but the BEST thing about working with Ray is the way his ideas quickly convert to results.”
Mike Cranstoun.  Ray White. Dunedin New Zealand

Success Stories

“Year 3 working with Ray will be my best ever year in real estate. I’ve attended so many training events and signed up for dozens of courses but NOTHING has given me traction like Ray’s ideas and proven techniques. Every time we connect we come up with a cool idea which gets me rapid results. Without doubt, the best investment in myself and my business I have ever made”
Kevin Young.  Harcourts Brisbane Australia

Team Coaching

“Ray is the perfect fit for our team. No other coach or trainer has Ray’s natural ability, marketing savvy and assets. As a co-founder at LockedOn.com he’s at the forefront of client care and database management. As a co-founder at Jigglar.com we get his unique creative input to grow our brand by reaching out and connecting with more sellers in our area with innovative and direct-response marketing ideas.”
Trent Pool.  Merimbula Real Estate. New South Wales Australia

One On One Coaching

“We started working with Ray more than 4 years ago and since then our results have more than tripled! We get proven systems, the best marketing ideas and superior support”
Troy Kincaid & Mark Theodore, Richardsons, Victoria, Australia

“Ray’s 1 on 1 coaching makes ALL the difference. I love the direction and deadlines. Plus his network delivered a 1.5 million dollar listing and sale right into my lap!”
Jason Weinman, Sutton Group. Vancouver Canada

Real Estate Coaching and What I Bring To The Table

Ray Wood

Real Estate Success Coach & mentor

The biggest thrill and satisfaction in my life is seeing others profit from my ideas, suggestions and guidance. It’s immensely rewarding to make a difference in the lives of others.

Personally, I find having someone in your corner to bounce ideas off, strategize or just give you a gentle push when required quickly pays off. I value the power of accountability.

Here’s what I’ve learned after working with some of the best agents in the business over the last 15 years:

  • I’m most interested in rapid results and helping my coaching clients achieve them in the shortest possible time. I believe there’s nothing that can’t be solved with two or three extra listings in the next 30 days so focusing on the proven dollar productive tasks is the fastest route to increased results.
  • Real Estate is such a brilliant career for 2 reasons. One, not a lot of people actually know what to do which makes life easier for those with the right tools and systems and two, it’s one of the few businesses I know where you can make an obscene amount of money in a very short space of time.
  • I have found without exception, the fastest way to build a consistent pipeline of future listings and sales is to offer a powerful and compelling point-of-difference to creatively engage potential clients in your area. Nothing else comes even close to this.
  • I can’t think of anyone who has achieved greatness without some form of assistance along the way. Success is not a solo Journey. It’s in our nature to seek and be rewarded by external support and counsel.

My mission is to deliver all possible resources required to help my coaching client build his or her personal brand, authority, influence and income.

I have three coaching packages. 1 On 1, Mastermind and The Coaching Group. You’ll find more info on each below.

If you’d like to know more, let’s set up a time to connect. To get started, tell me what’s going on here and make sure you include your triumphs and challenges.

If we make the decision to work together, I’m looking forward to being part of your success.

Warm regards,


Five Steps to Creating Massive Change

Share Your Challenges

To get started, I need to discover more about you and also find out more about your pain points.  What are your main challenges right now? What’s holding you back? What obstacles and issues that, if overcome, would all you to move on and achieve your goals? The only other person that will ever see your answers to this private and confidential questionnaire is me… so level with me and tell me what’s really going on. I don’t always end up working with every agent who completes this questionnaire but more often than not, I can offer some ideas and actionable solutions.

We Connect

Knowing your main challenges helps me ask the right questions.  We’ll set up a time to connect and I’ll call your mobile so give me 30 minutes and make a note of anything in particular I can help with. I’ll be looking to drill down into your main challenges and see if I can help with a quick fix!

Our First Call

If we make the decision to work together, we schedule our first call.  This can either be via phone or screen share software that allows us to meet in a virtual face to face environment.  It also lets me share our screens with each other, record the call and send larger files if needed. Calls last about 50-60 minutes.

The Planning Meeting

This is where things start happening. At this point, we’ve committed to a 90 Day 1 on 1 coaching program and we meet for 60 minutes each week to review and execute. We look at the specific actions required for each item on our agenda beginning with the most important. We look at the fastest and most effective way to implement.

Planning + Action = Results

During our calls, I keep notes and actions required inside a dedicated private project. I use collaboration software called Basecamp that helps us keep everything together. During our program, we’ll be creating marketing ideas, direct response letters and emails tailored to your clients. We look at the fastest way to achieve your goals and get results. That is always my priority. My goal is to get maximum results from every call.

Join my VIP email list

This is my priority email list where I send all my best ideas, new emails and letter scripts plus cool marketing ideas I learn for real estate's top agents. (Just type in your first name and email)

Some feedback from a few legends I've worked with

“Ray’s ideas have been a total game-changer for my business. For example, once I started using his listing presentation strategies I have never once had to reduce my fee. Before that, I used to drop my fee all the time to win the business”

Edward Baker, Don Ha RE/MAX, Auckland, NZ

“If you take a look at Ray’s history, experience and interests, you’ll struggle to find anyone more qualified to help real estate agents achieve better results. More than 20 years owning and running a highly successful agency in inner Melbourne and a co-founding partner at LockedOn.com which I believe is the best real estate CRM going around. He’s also the co-founding force behind Jigglar.com, a creative marketing tool for agents. When I arrived from NZ in 2009 I knew nobody and started from scratch. Ray’s ideas quickly helped me get traction in a very crowded market. Today I have more than 7000 contacts which give me 80% of my business. His system is by far the best and his influence on my personal success has been substantial.”

Phil Taylor. @Realty Perth Western Australia

“Ray is one of the best marketing guys going around. In a world of clutter and too much wasteful advertising, agents find themselves jumping from one gimmick to the next, with a scatter gun approach that doesn’t work. Ray’s message cuts through the haze to connect with the decision makers that matter the most.”

Garth Makowski. Harcourts. Campbelltown NSW

“It’s amazing how much more you can achieve when you’re accountable to someone. We all know what to do in real estate, but getting around to actually doing it is the challenge. Ray’s 1 on 1 coaching made all the difference and gave me direction and deadlines. Plus his network delivered a 1.5 million dollar listing and sale right into my lap!”

Jason Weinman, Sutton Group, Vancouver Canada

“Ray is my ‘go to’ guy for everything real estate. Our sessions are always productive and we cut right to the chase to engineer results. This is valuable support that’s making a BIG difference to our business.”

Mark Rosevear, Wondonga Bestagents, Victoria

“Ray’s coaching gave me direction through a difficult patch. It’s just so good to have a knowledgeable voice at the end of the phone and someone to keep me focussed and accountable”

Anthony Castelli, Owners Choice, NSW

“The sooner you start using these ideas, the sooner your results will increase. My only regret is that I didn’t start using Ray’s ideas earlier”

Peter Hutton, Hutton & Hutton, Queensland Australia

“If you ever get the opportunity to work 1 on 1 with Ray, just do it. His material is leaps and bounds ahead of anything else in our industry and he’s been doing it for longer. His support has had such a major impact for me and my team”

Trent Pool, Merimbula Realty, NSW

“I’ve been working with Ray for more than 10 years. The personal prospecting and branding ideas have helped me immensely over that time. They have the power to connect with sellers when most other ideas don’t. Fantastic content and a truly valuable part of my business”

Andrea Manson, Belle Property, Queensland

“We started working with Ray more than 4 years ago and since then our results have more than tripled! We get proven systems, the best marketing ideas and superior support”

Troy Kincaid & Mark Theodore, Richardsons, Victoria

“In the last month, just one idea won me 10 listings, 7 sales and $45,000 in commission. I’m the oldest person on our team and recently won salesperson of the year. Ray’s support gives me motivation and a heap of fresh ideas”

Ray Rounds, Hayswinkle Geelong Victoria

“When Ray and I set my personal results targets at the start of the year, I thought 40 sales was very ambitious. I had only done 30 in the 12 months prior. Today is December 8 and I have 39 sales in the bag and I’m hopeful of getting number 40 across the line next week. Working with Ray has been a real game changer for me”

Kevin Young. Harcourts. Brisbane, Queensland

A Choice of Three Coaching Packages

The Allstars Group Coaching

Who are you? You’re in your first 2 years in real estate and looking to learn more about my coaching and mentoring programs. You’re keen to explore fresh ideas, the latest time-saving and tech tools and essentially anything that will help you win more listings and make more sales, all for less than the price of a cup off coffee each week. The Allstars is a larger group who benefit from a regular connection with like-minded agents. You’re looking to lift your personal brand awareness and influence with property owners in your area. You’re open to new concepts and building better systems and processes for your business. You know real estate success is a marathon not a 100 metre dash and you want to develop your list of contacts and build an ever-growing new business pipeline. You’re interested in marketing and becoming an attraction agent. We meet via my online conference portal every two weeks. You’ll be getting access to my private training library and resources vault. No stress if you miss a session because I record each one and keep them in the vault. Join on your desktop, tablet or mobile.

Mastermind Group (6 Agents)

Who are you? You’re an establish real estate professional (Leader or team member) looking to boost your numbers quickly. You’re doing well but you know that a little accountability goes a long way and you feel you would benefit from a regular weekly Mastermind session where you get to share your triumphs and challenges and workshop ideas with the group. You’re happy to offer suggestions to the other 5 Masterminders. You’re also happy to share experiences and lessons learned as this is the real power of a Mastermind. We kick off each session with a weekly ‘win’ then take it in turns to be in the HOT SEAT where the group turns their attention to exploring your opportunities and solving all your problems! 🙂

We meet via my online conference portal each week for about a hour. You’ll have full visual (face-to-face) with each member in the group and 2 way audio. You’ll be getting access to my private training library and resources vault. No stress if you miss a session because I record each one. Join on your desktop, tablet or mobile. 90 Day commitment. Payment options and discounts apply. Full details during our discovery call.

1 on 1 Coaching & Mentoring

Who Are You? You’re a team leader or an established agent on a mission. You’re looking for growth and prepared to take all necessary action required to make it happen. You’re confident you can benefit from accountability but you’re also prepared to take ownership and make things happen if you’re confident the agreed plan-of-attack will produce the solution you’re looking for.

About half my 1 On 1 Coaching clients are teams. I work with the leader to set up priorities, establish what resources we need, then agree on a plan. I then set up regular calls with the whole team (up to 25) or go 1 on 1 with a team member in a results-focussed, private coaching session. We meet via my online conference portal each week for an hour. You’ll be getting access to my private training library and resources vault. I record each coaching session and keep them in our private Basecamp project. (Basecamp is collaboration software) Join calls on your desktop, tablet or mobile. 90 Day commitment. Payment options and discounts apply. Full details during our discovery call.

Coaching Packages

What’s Included



1 On 1

Money Back Guarantee
60 Minute 1 On 1 Call (weekly)
60 Minute Mastermind Group Call (weekly)
60 Minute Group Call (every 2 weeks)
Full 2 way audio + Face-To-Face Virtual Meeting
OR I call your mobile
Session Recorded
Access to Private Members Lounge, Training library and Resources
Email Support
Phone Support
Marketing Support
Design Support
Systems Support
Private Basecamp Project
Group Basecamp Project
Ideal for teams up to 10
Ideal for Individual Agents
Ideal for new agents
Ideal for Leaders/Business Owners
Join via Desktop, Tablet or Mobile


90 day program with payment options & discounts 90 day program with payment options & discounts
JOIN NOW get started get started

My Real Estate Coaching Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not convinced the coaching and support strategies and ideas I share are going to help you win more listings and make more sales, then let me know within 30 days of our start date and I will happily return 100% of money paid.

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